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    • Manufacturing of CNC plastic-welding machines
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    • Extruding of plastic sheets
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  • Plastic sheets

    METAL WORKING CZ, s.r.o. provides sheets from thermoplastics PP-C and PE-HD from 2015. We offer to our customers homogeneous boards in three product ranges and across the entire color scale. Polypropylene and polyethylene blends between polymers with high chemical resistance at normal (20 ° C) and elevated (60 ° C) temperatures. These materials are resistant to water, salts, inorganic bases and acids if they do not have oxidizing effects. At normal temperatures, it does not dissolve in organic solvents. They are attacked by strong oxidizing agents (nitric acid, oleum and halogens)g, PP is less resistant to oxidation than PE. In aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and some oils at elevated temperatures, they swell under the current changes in properties. PP better resists stress corrosion than PE.
    The plates can be machined mechanically, coupled with hot air welding with the addition of material (welding wire) or by the butt method.

    Original sheets
    They are made of original material – block copolymer of propylene – ethylene in a wide range of colors. It is possible to treat them with UV stabilization or a single-sided cover sheet according to the customer’s specific wishes. The original plates can be used for the production of swimming pools, water meters, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, reservoirs and other containers in the chemical and food industries. PP-C boards retain good mechanical properties even at low freezing temperatures and are designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

    Structural sheets
    Standard in RAL 7032. The input raw material is a combination of original granulate and self-produced pulp. The ratio of raw materials guarantees good weldability of the boards and their mechanical properties. Design plates are not intended for direct contact with food or drinking water. They are especially suitable for the production of smaller tanks with lower loads.

    Technical sheets
    Made of 100% recycled material, which we buy directly from our customers, manually sort, clean and check quality. They are available in black as standard. They will be used mainly for products of smaller dimensions that do not come into direct contact with food or drinking water. They can also be used for a variety of stiffeners or ribs. The properties of the individual boards may vary, as it affects the quality of sorting the purchased parcels. Technical welding plates are not guaranteed.

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